Mastery & Message

A 6 month accelerator for impact-driven entrepreneurs ready to step-up & create their brave brand.

You are rare. Isn't it time to start owning it?

For too long you've been holding back, waiting to get it perfect, waiting for the right mindset and waiting for someone else to ask you to speak up. 

Getting asked to share your skills, wisdom and perspective by someone else rarely happens without your taking action first. And truthfully, you don’t need that validation. You can start by validating yourself.

Once you put your mastery and message into the world boldly growth opportunities come faster.

It's your time to own your brilliance, without marketing around the clock, without vying for popularity and without being inauthentic to who you are.

I'll help you become even more the thought leader & successful business owner you already are with bold positioning, fearless messaging and brave marketing. 

Has not knowing what to say held you back?

For too long you've been holding back. And that's party because you struggle with your voice and message.

What's the most important part of your work? What do people value. How do you share your story and the story of who you've helped online? 

All these questions mull around in your head and it keeps you silent. Or putting out content because you feel obligated to but it's not really lighting you up.

Being in the background is not where you want to stay. You want to grow your brand and gain your freedom by becoming a thought leader and help so many people who need your support, experience and knowledge.  A dash of confidence with that please?

working together

Ready to design your business for success & freedom?

You might be craving better clients or even a different offers where you serve more than one person at a time.

Wouldn’t it feel amazing to earn income from high-paying clients or even recurring sources? Sources you can predict?

Having a steady flow of high ticket clients who love you or earning passive revenue takes trust. To build that trust you need to start connecting consistently with your tribe.

This doesn’t come from trying to learn every new marketing tactic, nor from being fake. You can develop strong relationships with peers, mentors and clients with a simplicity and long-term commitment.


Lisa helped me to think differently. You can’t take that back. She gave me confidence to step out of my comfort zone. I went from having no clients to getting 3-5 discovery calls per month and 2-3 become clients. That’s a 50-60% conversion rate. And now I’m starting to get referrals!

Because of the branding and positioning work we did together, sales happen naturally. My value & offers are clear and I'm now very proud of what I do. 

Madhu Kanwar, Elixir Consulting

Building a noticeable brand online starts with impact and influence

The secret to building an online business that gets quality referrals & attracts new fans comes from visibility and connection with the right people. Positioning yourself to get noticed by them and seeking them out will make that happen.

Influence begins by impressing your clients, & your peers ... one by one. It also requires being visible. If people don't know they exist they can't elevate your brand.

It’s time to get more serious about marketing the right way. By showing up boldly and consistently with the best content you've got, you'll create the excitement that brings the right people close to you.

You've spent years mastering what you do. You did this through your passion, practice, mindset and mentorship.

Now you're ready to use your brilliance to contribute to the world in a bigger way than ever, narrowing your focus, amplifying your bold message and ramping up your marketing come next.

You know by now nothing will happen overnight but it will happen if you commit to showing up.

“You don’t need a new plan for next year. You need a commitment.” Seth Godin

Mastery & Messsage Mastermind

Then add meaningful content and connection and you've got a brand that can't be ignored

The Mastery & Message Mastermind is based on the premise that you are already amazing and you just need more people to find you and get to know you.

Visibility is your top priority and you'll get there by building a brave brand, developing a bolder message and showing up consistently.

When you create a message from your mastery you're developing something  irresistibly & uniquely you. That's memorable. It's how you start building a tribe of true fans which makes marketing fun and engaging. It's as simple as this:


When you commit to putting out your best information consistently, packaged in an irresistible message, the world will notice. That's when you can change it.

In the Mastery & Message mastermind you will:

  • Discover your singular focus & message.
  • Position yourself to attract only the best clients.
  • Develop the confidence to be more of yourself publicly.
  • Create and launch new group offers that generate a buzz.
  • Design a reliable marketing system based on content you love.

This program doesn't follow a one-size-fits-all formula nor promise a quick fix. It's for people who want to build a brave brand that matters ... for the long term.


Your brand must reflect your value. Once we define what your value really is, we'll polish it up. In other words, we'll make sure it's irresistible to small group of fans.


Make your unique process so clear it sells itself. A business that can scale beyond one-to-one has a flow of meaningful content. Pick the best thing you've got and teach it everywhere.


The most successful service businesses have the fewest offers. We'll help you design a business model that makes it easy to launch and sell what what you ultimately want to deliver.


The number one attractor in any service-based business is having a bold message. And you need to hear how it resonates with your ideal clients. Brand validation is key to your success.


Mass media rarely works. You have to get visible but that doesn't mean putting out boring messages on every channel. It means choosing one place to show up & share your story with confidence.


Like a tide, people rise together. Developing & leveraging relationships with other influencers & thought leaders will 10x your impact and results.

With my guidance you'll learn to showcase your brilliance with ease.

sara SDC

Lisa opened up a whole new world for me, allowing me to look at my business strategy as profitable and sustainable for years to come. With her honesty, fearlessness, encouragement and guidance, she helped me change the way the studio runs from all angles.

She challenged me to create revenue goal that surpassed my expectations and I achieved by year end! Working with Lisa, is by far one of the best choices I've made for my business and also my personal well being.

Sara Constantin, Owner, Squamish Dance Centre

Enrolment in next mastermind begins April 2019. 

This guided mastermind program is designed to set you up for success while honouring your busy schedule.


  • 3 private coaching sessions with me at the beginning, middle & end of the program.
  • One small group mastermind call per month to move you forward.
  • Monthly office hours for Q&A and extra trouble-shooting.


  • Additional monthly marketing training from me & guest experts.
  • Free access to my upcoming digital course the Noticeable Brand Bootcamp (a $1500 value).


  • Lifetime access to a closed group for feedback and support.
  • A network of biz besties you can count on to help you.

Why this program is different ...

I've worked with service-preneurs in every niche and at every stage of their business and I know what it takes to create a brand that soars. I created this mastermind based on what works:

  1. Guidance helps. If you knew exactly what to do, you'd have done it already. I'll be providing your with a framework & regular trainings to increase your brand building and marketing knowledge.
  2. Eyes on your brand & message. The groups will be very small so everyone gets feedback.
  3. I'm not your only teacher. I'll bring in guests to help you understand specific ways to enhance your positioning and marketing.
  4. You're very busy implementing. Rather than trying to coordinate endless meetings, I'm including a variety of ways to get the connection and feedback you need, on your own schedule.
  5. One-on-one support is invaluable. Those three sessions for just us are there to move the needle forward.
  6. Accountability is an asset. We'll have regular check-ins to make sure you're making headway in the ways that matter.

Meet Lisa Princic

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Hey there, I'm Lisa! I've been on this entrepreneurial journey for 10 years! I know what it's like to try and fail over and over again. I've been through all the ups and downs including wondering why it's so hard to attract good clients consistently.

Trust me, I've used all the excuses - I live in a small town, I need a healthy lifestyle and it's not all about the money. While all of those are true, I was still hiding. I was afraid to put my work into the world in case no one wanted it. What I really wanted was for someone to say, "Hey, your stuff is great, come share it with my audience!".  Finally I realized that would never happen, not until I stepped up first.

When I realized I was the only one holding myself back, things changed.

Now I'm fiercely committed to helping impact-driven entrepreneurs create meaningful content, messages that matter and get it into the world so they can grow a business on purpose. I've gone from "why me?" to "why anyone else?".

You can grow online with your mastery by getting your message in front of the right people. It doesn't mean you have to hustle around the clock. You just need confidence and a solid, mission-driven plan.

My commitment to you ...

Growth takes commitment. Here's what I'm committing to you:

  • Sharing my tools to build the highest converting marketing funnel.
  • Teaching you how to validate your new offers.
  • Challenging you to narrow your focus & niche even more.
  • Helping you step out boldly in one place & show up consistently.
  • Giving you feedback on your copy & design.