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I love to share my stories of both business and personal transformation and how to use one to achieve the other.

Your true value & business success are intensely intertwined.

Through years of committing to my own personal growth, being a changemaker in corporate sustainability and now, an entrepreneur, I've had plenty of opportunity to observe how closely related the practical truths of business are to power of the mind.

I saw such a strong connection that I wrote a book on it, Soul Strategy.

In order to succeed in this world and feel fulfilled, a fundamental shift has to occur from one of “what can I get?” to “how do I best give?”. This is what makes up value and value is what people buy. It not only feels good, it works.

Solid business strategy, strong organizational cultures and deep value delivery begin from this shift in thinking - from I to you.

Here's a conversation I had with Michael Knouse as a guest on The Startup Sessions podcast. We had a very real chat about business strategy, commitment & inner peace and how they interrelate.

My favourite topics to discuss include:


Soul Strategy - Building a successful brand based on your true value

online business traction

Most business owners spend too much time comparing themselves to others instead of to tapping into their own inner wisdom about their talent and purpose and gifts. When they do that they understand their business at a much deeper level.

That's the secret to building a business model that supports unique value, aligns with the biggest goals and begins to attract the right customers.

In this conversation, I'll share how I did a deep dive on my value and and on my best customers to level up. When I got more clear about the results I wanted, I was able to design a profitable business model that allows me to earn 6 figure + income without working more than 30 hours per week.

Hustle vs. heart - How to grow online without burning out

Conversion is the ultimate goal. And yet, too many business owners are driving traffic to their website and offers without converting them.

Whether you are trying to fill up your business with clients or shifting to a new audience online or not within your current realm, you may think you just have to hustle. Actually, there's an easier way - heart.

Getting to the core of the value you deliver, your truth, is a much simpler way to get noticed by the right kinds of clients, grow your fan base, influence and leadership and bring on fulfilling growth. Learn how to communicate that value and you will be filling up your roster in no time.

I'll share four strategies I've used (not list-building) and use with my clients to help them position themselves for growth with less time + effort on marketing.


Scaling Deep - Business growth beyond going big or going home

conscious entrepreneur

There’s a movement of entrepreneurs who consider impact, after making a certain amount of money, as a key driver for growth. They don’t need to make millions, buy more stuff, manage more people and over-commit to being busy. That’s not the lifestyle that gives them freedom. Instead they are choosing to scale deep.

Having a small, manageable business that continues to change, influence and add value is a rich experience and allows entrepreneurs reap the benefits of being an of business ownership without selling the company. A business owner who stays small often makes more consistent revenue over a longer period of time without the high stress levels of the high growth game.

Lisa will talk about how growth models that deliver deep experiences can cultivate a robust, rewarding business that provides more time for people that matter, healthy choices and peaceful or adventurous living.

Interviews, panels, workshops and bite-sized topics

In addition to her my signature talks above, I have in-depth knowledge and love delivering on the following business topics:

  • How to grow a highly profitable business without a list
  • Design your future with a business roadmap
  • Outsourcing the doubt - team-building for growth

Have something else in mind for which you need an expert opinion? Contact me to set up a chat to see what’s possible.

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Lisa Princic helps impact-driven business owners dive deep into their truth and unique value and build a highly compelling brand around it so they can attract their best clients, create more powerful offers, and build more profit into their business models. She does this in a way that allows them to meet their growth goals with more heart than hustle.

She is a trained business strategist and coach who eases business owners from successful chaos to strategic flow to create more success and fulfillment and the author of Soul Strategy. Lisa is a results-oriented, deep thinker who has a knack for “seeing” the value of each business and turning that into a pipeline of new offers and ideal clients.