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As business owners, we come across mindset blocks that hold us back at every single phase of our business development. It doesn’t matter where we’re at and what we’ve come from, we’re human and the human brain is complicated.

We all have different blocks. Many I didn’t relate to. All the usual ones like being worth it enough to charge a certain amount or even imposter syndrome didn’t directly hit me and say, here’s your problem!

When people are talking about mindset in ways you don’t quite relate to it can be easy not to see your own. Especially if you’ve done a lot of self-reflection and personal work to bring out the big emotional stuff.

Well, I now see that there’s a mindset block at every level, phase and place along the journey. Some of them are here for a particular reason, others for a season and some of them last a lifetime. That’s how complicated our brains are. They can think us in and out of a myriad of directions.

Add that to the fact that there’s so much information and feedback coming at us all the time, that causes reactions in the form of feelings.

Feelings can cause us to get off track, get stumped and make assumptions. These assumptions can lead to really big mindset blocks. Or they can simply exist for a while as temporary assumption blocks.

Here are the three hidden mindset blocks I carried with me for the last few years:

One - “I don’t have the personality for this kind of business”

I got myself stuck for years thinking that I didn’t have the glamorous, charismatic personality that could serve a larger audience.

As I began to scratch the surface by having more real conversations with business owners I admired, I realized there are so many owners out there, not necessarily with the biggest ad budgets growing their tribes in the way I wanted to as well.

They were the people I actually follow, align with and buy from.

My “not my personality assumption” was really just was an excuse not to take steps that seemed risky and didn’t have guaranteed results.

Two - The dreaded (insert swear word here) niche

Finding a niche is not a simple process. We can’t just pick it out of a hat, or pick one on a whim. It requires a deeper process of extracting our value.

But even at that, I couldn’t find mine easily and that was because my niche needed to come from a tangible skill set instead of satisfying a mission or choosing a target audience.

I really needed a tangible skill-set that I could have based my business on in the beginning. And then infused my personality into it. Naturally, I would have become a strategist because I’m always going to look at businesses from that high-level perspective.

That would have happened anyway and it’s so much easier to develop credibility and a reputation for being the best at something that people rave about, request frequently and refer their favorite people.

That’s one way of developing a niche that doesn’t require being 100% passionate about a specific audience or a cause. It comes from filling a practical need but paves the path for leadership.

Three - Thinking it will suddenly get easy someday instead of accepting the now

I’ve started recognizing, in a big way, that running a business never gets a lot easier. Entrepreneurs just hit new problems at each new phase.

With their advertising, it can often seem like freedom will happen and we’ll be drinking margaritas at the beach but they’re working really hard behind the scenes to share that content with us.

What I’ve realized is “this is it’. I have to enjoy the right now because just like being in a day job, I have to show up and work to keep this thing going. There’s no magical arrival but I get to spend my time in my way doing work I love.

“Embrace the world you’re in”

And that’s the freedom and lifestyle business. It’s not rich, cruisy & passive. Just full of choice.

What that assumption of it getting easy someday does for us is hold us back from making decisions to make our business good, right now. Not someday when it gets easy. Right now.

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