Still waiting for others to

validate your value?

Get your work into the world by positioning yourself boldy, speaking up consistently and demonstrating your mastery!

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Build a small fire and stay close to it ...

Traction & influence begins when you generate excitement & connection in a small tribe.

Exposing your brand to your target audience is the goal of any marketing plan.

But ... there are faster ways to do it than tweeting and posting pictures all day. For service entrepreneurs, getting in front of real people who'd like to hire you, refer you or give you a shout-out will fast-track your reputation & revenue.

So you can wait until they find you ... or, you can make sure you're unnoticeable to a few.

Many successful entrepreneurs skirt right over their real breaks only to attribute them to something else like a social media following or viral success. Most of them have forgotten what the actual turnings point were for them.

When you’re earning less than $1million in revenue, your focus has to be different. By discovering your own framework, your bold voice & the ONE place to share it, you'll gain a small group of fans.

Lisa guidebook download copy

That flame of true fans will keep burning & eventually grow your business in so many amazing ways.

In this guide I'll share with you the five principles that'll help you become a thought leader so you can ... 

Ready? Here you go ... 

  • Become the go-to person for your body of work. 
  • Establish real conversations with real people to build connections & partnerships with influencers.
  • Set yourself up for high-level referrals to increase your revenue so you can eventually make bigger & riskier marketing investments.
  • Put the conditions for your lucky break to occur - when you start to receive a flow of opportunities.