Courtney Chaal

Courtney Chaal of the Rule Breakers Club helps service providers create a signature service and get so booked out they’re making a full-time income and have to consider a leveraged program.

She started off as a freelance copywriter because she didn’t want to work a 9-5 job and found herself living in Paris and needed under the table work. She chose copywriting because she looked around at what types of services did people need.

She views business growth as happening in four critical stages:

Phase 1: Freelancing phase
In this phase you don't need a lot of experience, you just need to get out there and throw spaghetti at the wall. It’s a reactive and customized and a good training ground.

Phase 2: Advanced freelancing
This is the service providing phase where you're getting more narrow on one topic, one niche, one tangible thing. It involves lots of proposals and customized work which makes it a bit of a feast or famine cycle. There's a lot of experimenting with focus.

Phase 3: Signature Service
This phase is all about getting really focused on selling the service people are asking for and doubling-down on selling that one thing. You're allowing it to evolve and grow based on what people want. This is where you develop the service that books you out.

Phase 4: Leveraged income phase
Developing courses from the signature service that you've been doing on-on-one and getting booked out doing.

Courtney also believes you can’t skip any of these stages because there’s validating that has to happen at each step. You have to validate what you’re doing one-on-one before you do one-to-many. Her own business went through each of these steps.

“If you’re not making consistently $2,000 to $5,000 per month from one-on-one you shouldn’t move on to leveraged products & services.”

She also advises that there’s so much learning to do with an online course, plus you need an audience to launch to and the validation that starting there is too much work. You’ll fall flat on your face if you don’t have some kind of one-on-one process first.

The other thing she stressed was not being too focused on our passions as business owners and looking at what problems people are asking to be solved and choosing a niche & service that addresses those.

What Mastery means to Courtney:
To me, mastery requires three things:

  • Dedication to continuous and never-ending improvement (CANI).
  • A desire to be the best in the world at ONE specific thing.
  • Staying relentlessly focused and saying “no” more often than you are comfortable with (every time you say “no” to something that is not helping you achieve mastery, it is saying YES to mastery).

Turning point:
There have been countless, but the one that comes to mind right now was when my boyfriend (now husband) was hospitalized for a week back in 2015 (I think?) and I was in the middle of a launch and his hospitalization ripped the ground out from underneath me. It was very scary and I didn’t know if I would get him back.

The intensity of that time made it ridiculously clear to me that HE is more important to me than my business success. Moments like that force priorities into order. It also made it clear to me that I needed to make some changes in my business to account for the unexpected. My business needs to serve ME, not the other way around.

Courtney’s Core message:
At the CORE my message is that business is a GAME and it can be FUN. Sales can be FUN. All of these “scary” things that we (especially as women) are taught are “serious” or “bad” or “greedy” aren’t that serious in the end. You simply need to find a way to play the game that is fun for you but also strategic.

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