You dream that your business will help you live a healthy, abundant lifestyle with benefits that trickle down to others. You want freedom to live on your terms and with your values at all times.

You have a BIG impact to make and a great life to live.

But lack of focus has been keeping you from taking bold steps in the direction you want to go. You’ve been considering how to grow your audience and leverage your skills and experience for a while now.

Overthinking and navigating the latest tactic is distracting you from growing consistently. Sitting on your potential is undermining your confidence.

Say goodbye to compromise.
Let's build a business worthy of owning!

Get more of your work into the world!

Business owners who don’t have a plan, work without focus. And that means they can’t get to the BIG + IMPORTANT tasks that will truly elevate their brand and market positioning.

To grow quickly and easily you need to know two major things:

  • Your business model (the big picture) - your vision and goals, your offers and lead generation strategy.
  • Your value proposition (the real "what's in it for them" value you offer) - this describes the outcomes your ideal customers want.

Most business owners (making less than $1 million per year) jump ahead to branding and marketing without knowing these two things well.

Whatever phase of business you're in, not having a clear business model & strong value proposition means you have to hustle to get noticed and get heard. You keep putting in more effort ... and you still won't sell enough.


Lisa helped us add value to what we currently offer our clients without having to hustle which is what our competitors are doing.

We wanted strategies that we could apply to our businesses immediately - a quick turnaround and measurable results. We didn’t want any fluff. With her help we were able to focus on a direction and very clear business goals that matched our values and desired lifestyle.  

Leah Mulleda & Jill Paradiso, Laneway Media

Design your business to bring in the
most results with the least effort

If fact, doing less often works better.

Most impact-driven entrepreneurs, like you, want a business model that:

  • grows naturally,
  • has profit embedded in the model, and
  • is designed to deliver over-the-top results to their clients consistently.

You were not designed to work around the clock. And you don’t have to … I’ll show you a better way.

kaboompics.com_Girl sitting with book crop

Ease from creative chaos to strategic flow

kaboompics.com_iPhone 6 on the desk crop

Good business models are simple, even in the complex online world.

They are your blueprint to making revenue while making sure you are building the business you love owning. They are designed to maximize profit.

Clearing the clutter so you can create the structure to reach your big dream isn’t a one person job.

You need someone on your team - a trustworthy & experienced side-kick, a business partner without the hassle.

And that's where I come in ...

I’ll join your team as a partner in growth to help you commit to your direction and bring you back to taking important action. Steps that will take you to an entirely new level in your business.

I have expertly helped 100’s of business owners, like you:

Double or even triple their revenue
Gain confidence when making bold, strategic decisions
Create a strong market position that profiles them as an authority
Connect and communicate with impact
Save money from shifting away from expensive marketing tactics

After six months of working together I’ve easily doubled my annual income and I’m on track to tripling it.

And that does not come from selling more. It comes from being intentional about what I’m selling and finding the right audience for it.

Matt Walker, Matt Walker Adventure

Matt Walker Adventure

Today everything can be sold online

But first you need to figure out how it’s going to work within your business model. There's no one-size-fits-all model.

We’ll work together to create a customized & personalized framework including:

  • Dialing your value proposition so you can confidently attract more customers (& higher paying ones)
  • Structuring offers & packages to get better results for your clients & match your growth objectives
  • Improving your brand & messaging so it truly speaks to the people who'll make business growth possible
  • Authority positioning so you gain immediate trust
  • Designing a marketing plan to get you the most conversions for the least effort
  • Developing or enhancing your lead capture and engagement systems
  • Identifying major initiatives that align with your purpose and leverage your impact
  • Orchestrating a dream team that frees you up for business leadership

When you bring this all together your future begins to look very clear! You'll be excited to put it into action.

Roxanne Carne

"I couldn’t be more pleased with the strategic planning process. It is so valuable to me."

Working with Lisa made a big difference in my business immediately. She helped me strategically shape the business that I want. I redesigned my offers from one-on-one to an online service. This program will help lots of women while making recurring revenue. 

I was thrilled to get 42 subscribers for my soft launch! That would not have been possible without her input.

I’m feeling SO good about where my business is headed.  It’s so nice to stop, think, and make a GOOD plan.

Roxanne Carne, Personal Stylist, &

Your partner in growth

I'll be your all-in-one COO, coach, strategist, cheerleader, marketing mentor and consistent and qualified second set of eyes to:

  • Find the model that fits your dream business
  • Determine your best plan, outlining the steps & timeline
  • Identify your strengths and blocks and figure out ways around them
  • Hold you accountable to the most important action items
  • Implement bigger goals and validate decisions

... in all of these areas:

Strategy & planning
  • Planning a business model for long-term prosperity
  • Program & offer development
  • Pinpointing the ideal client
Branding & positioning
  • Developing your unique value proposition
  • Conversion copywriting
  • Positioning to attract high value clients
Financial management
  • Forecasting future revenue
  • Pricing your offers
  • Tracking profits
  • Cash flow management
Marketing & sales
  • Launching your product
  • Content planning
  • Creating a digital marketing & sales funnel
Leadership development
  • Scaling beyond you
  • Outsourcing & team-building
  • Personal development & fulfillment
  • Brand development
Setting up systems
  • Marketing + communications
  • Customer enrolment & retention
  • Developing a killer sales cycle

Package One - Business Design

Need advisory support so you can continuously take strong action?

In this package you’ll get access to all my brand and business building tools, 3 business strategy sessions per month, and a full plan to 2-3x your revenue and maximize profit.

Here's what we'll do:

  • Create your business roadmap
  • Clarify your true value to attract the right clients
  • Reposition & refine your offers
  • Develop a brand strategy to increase your value
  • Solidify marketing & sales assets

Your investment:  $6,000 for 6 month program

woman office hand copy for design package
accerlator page woman on laptop

Package Two - Business Accelerator

Need hands-on strategic support to implement your plans?

In this package you’ll get everything in the above package plus an additional 5 hours per month of support to fast-track implementation.

  • Create the 2.0 plan for your business
  • Review revenue goals & profitability potential
  • Evolve & refine offers to meet clients changing needs
  • Evaluate sales & marketing, tweak brand & positioning
  • Expand to new audiences

Your investment:  $2,000 per month. 3 month minimum

As a licensed Quiet Power Strategy™ business strategist, I've completed an intensive apprenticeship under business strategist and thought leader Tara Gentile. I use Quiet Power Strategy™ coaching tools that have been used with thousands of entrepreneurs running businesses of every single type. I combine my knowledge of Lean Startup principles and effective business model development to create strategies designed to succeed.

If you are ready to cut through the fog and get a clear, effective strategy with experienced support you will love your personalized Quiet Power Strategy™.