Business Management Services

Growth happens fast when you
Get out of your own way

You have big plans. You have been pretty successful to date but know it's just the tip of the iceberg. The problem is that you don't have the time or all the skills you need to implement your ideas.

Now that you have finally admitted you business can't make great leaps unless you do, it's time to get experienced help to implement your ideas and plans.


"I’ve gone from chasing high maintenance clients to only working with those clients brands who I can help take to the next level."

The biggest outcome I got from working with Lisa was respecting the time I put into my work. I now have more client turnover, higher quality projects and bigger paycheques!

I know 100% that I am making money when I sit down at my computer, which I wasn’t doing consistently before. I now have the confidence to track all of my time and attract the kinds of customers who are happy to pay for all of the time it takes to make their brand a leading one.

I am focused on subject matter that I am truly passionate about - helping business owners who are making positive changes in their industries and communities. These are the people who are moving from being followers to leaders.

Leisa Johnson, The Lovely Studio,

Strategic Mentorship

Who this is for:
Boutique agencies, coaches, designers, freelancers, health practitioners, consultants and professionals who are ready to expand to new market segments, go online, leap to new revenue levels or leverage their one-to-one services.

Where you are at:
You are committed to turning your business into a source of wealth, impact and personal leadership. You don't have time to implement all the big changes/new projects you want at the pace you desire. You have too many choices in front of you without enough knowledge in each areas to make decisions efficiently. This is slowing you down.  You need a robust support team but aren’t ready to hire a whole bunch of people at once.

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What I can do:

  • Help determine your best strategy and outlining the steps.
  • Identify your strengths and blocks and figure out a plan of attack.
  • Initiate in areas where you feel less confident.
  • Be your all in one coach, strategist, cheerleader, marketer and a reliable and qualified second set of eyes.
  • Hands on support to implement bigger goals and more sophisticated systems and make better decisions within these 5 main areas:
  • Business model planning
  • Offer development
  • Audience targeting
  • Unique value proposition
  • Copywriting
  • Positioning
  • Forecasting
  • Pricing
  • Tracking
  • Systems
  • Launching
  • Content planning
  • Digital strategy
  • Partnership dev.
  • Team-buiding
  • Personal development
  • Purpose + impact

What you'll get:

  • Access to an advisor who acts like a COO or business partner so you can lead your business and make decisions with greater ease and confidence.
  • A business model that gives you more time to expand including creating systems, team-building, brand polishing and increased marketing.
  • Confidence launching your next program or product with greater goals.

Why is this different?

  • Coaches ($$$$) provide high level, prescriptive and hands-off support making it harder to get through the slump before the jump.
  • Consultants ($$$$) do ALL of the doing for you. You aren’t involved enough and you may not love the outcome. This needs to come from your leadership.
  • Masterminds ($$$) are missing the one-on-one support and accountability.
  • Virtual Assistants ($$) may be less expensive but they don’t have the strategic approach or tools to ensure that goals are on track. They tend to take orders and implement. There is no clear roadmap.
  • Courses ($) are good for working out small, tactical ideas and inspiration but one-size-fits-all models don’t work and the knowledge is still hard to actually apply without direct feedback.

Your investment:  Starts at $1,000/per month - 6 month minimum