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It takes courage to build a
business you believe in

I love working with ambitious, impact-driven business owners.

There is a rich, complexity in people, like you, who are wired for success AND who want to make the world a better place. You want to use your gifts and you also want to run a smart and savvy business. 

You are well aware it takes mentorship & support to grow your brand, offers and reach high goals.  

You are ready! And so am I! 

It's time to use your inner wisdom & leverage the skills of others to transform your business into a powerful, streamlined force for good.

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"I’ve gone from chasing high maintenance clients to only working with those clients brands who I can help take to the next level."

The biggest outcome I got from working with Lisa was respecting the time I put into my work. I now have more client turnover, higher quality projects and bigger paycheques!

I know 100% that I am making money when I sit down at my computer. I now have the confidence to track all of my time and attract the kinds of customers who are happy to pay for the investment it takes to make their brand a leading one.

I am focused on what I am truly passionate about - helping business owners who are making positive changes in their industries and communities move from being followers to leaders.

Leisa Johnson, The Lovely Studio,

Truth-powered business strategy starts here

I both work to live and live to work.

I am passionate about both business and personal growth. Getting past challenges and meeting business goals are the actions that grow us as humans. That’s where I focus my energy - on strategic action.

Business strategy is more about action than talk. We dive deep, explore options, then strategize, then implement - ensuring that each part receives the attention it requires. This is also what I help others discover - their truth. It's the starting place for growth and the place that we can find our true worth, deliver our best value and our sweet spot for our business.

I will help you find true clarity, true clients & true wealth.

A simple, personal framework will change the way you see your business, the way you serve your clients, position your offers and craft your messaging. It will help you gain the confidence you need to make a healthy profit.

Disjointed business models lead to burnt out business owners. You, on the other hand, will walk forward (or run) with clarity!

I'm the best business partner you've never had! 

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I use tools that I received through Quiet Power Strategy training by business leader Tara Gentile to get you to a place of business ownership, confidence in what you do best and clear and tangible results.

My Quest

Helping owners find their true value & brand and right place (positioning) in the market before investing in marketing so they get traction right away.

The Key

Unlocking the mystery of growth by creating a business model that creates profit from serving your best customers with compelling offers.

The Tools

Using the tools that helped me transform my business in a matter of months, you can move from a self-employed freelancer to a true business owner.

The Plan

Get focused and move from worrying about details to building a strategy that is clear, making positioning, pricing & promoting easy and fun.


I wanted to work with someone who was bright and got the complexity of what I was doing - an entrepreneurial endeavour with a social change component. Her support made such a difference for me that it’s hard to describe. She has the ability to probe and push at the right time and at the right level. It was life changing!

Bonnie Foley-Wong, Pique Ventures

I’m an adventurer at heart

I’ve travelled to many countries, grassroots style; kiteboarded in a number of oceans, logged endless miles on my mountain bike and sat FOUR 10-day silent meditation retreats (yes, complete isolating silence!).

I am both passionate and extremely level-headed. I have a knack for seeing things for what they are - a true realist. This also allows me to see the gift you have and the right place for you in the market.

A Human Design reader told me once that I can absolutely trust my gut. This is a tool I can use to guide my clients as well. The more I know you, the better I can help.

My spirituality is fueled by nature, my heart is fired by my son and my ambition comes from my desire for truth. I am an independent seeker whose conquered most of her demons and that’s what makes me a good supporter.

I live in the heart of the mountains in Squamish, BC with my favourite person - my 7 year-old boy.

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Have a listen to this interview with Michael Knouse of
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what I believe in and my approach to business strategy.

My experience

I have the tools, experience and confidence to help you develop a resilient business. I became a professional coach in 2008 and took Tara McMullin's Business Strategy training in 2015. Prior to launching my business in 2009, I worked as a management consultant in Corporate Social Responsibility.

I work with entrepreneurs who want to hit the next level including coaches, consultants, wellness pros and creatives.

Using my own Soul Strategy approach along with the Quiet Power Strategy methodology and tools, we will build a business model from the ground up that also gives you laser focus and confidence when selling your offering. I always work at a high level but also have an eye for important details.

I use a combination of knowledge from the start-up world's most used business model tools: the Lean Startup methodology and the Business Model Canvas. Both of these are proven to test your business offerings and help you create a flexible, scalable model that provide more freedom.

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I am different from other coaches & strategists because:

  • I won’t make you do anything that really doesn’t feel right but I WILL challenge your perspective and stretch you, out of your comfort zone.
  • I will drive forward your growth with proven frameworks to extract your unique value proposition. A step a lot of others skip.
  • I won’t focus just on mindset or tactical solutions, because, alone, neither address the core purpose of your business. I will get you to find your true value and the plan that stems from it so you become confident and succeed. Everything is connected!
  • I have a deep understanding of how startups work. You may not be building the next Silicon Valley sensation but the intelligence that fuels your business model, brand and offers must be discovered.
  • I’ll help you grow with more heart than hustle! Using your truth to build your brave brand. Focusing means you don’t have to be everywhere all the time.

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