Increasing your revenue doesn't have to mean endless hustle.

You want to thrive, grow as an expert and make a big impact doing what matters. Instead, you are spending too much time trying to get noticed, without getting any big results. I call it the hustle.

You are probably spending too much time doing what everyone else is doing. That simply doesn't work. You need to carve our your own strategy - that matches you to the right clients.

Personalization works. 

When you have clarity in your value, you'll get a steady inflow of clients and be able to create a plan to scale beyond trading hours for dollars. I will help you develop solid value proposition, business strategy and captivating brand so taking action becomes easy and natural.

Want to fill up with ideal clients & create a plan to scale for deep growth in less than 3 months?

Before you put your time and energy into a new product, your website, a marketing campaign or business plan, find out how I get you immediate results.


"I've gone from chasing high maintenance clients to respecting the time that I put into my business. I focus only on clients who's brands I can help take to the next level - people who are serious about moving from followers to leaders in their industry. 

I now have more client turnover, higher quality projects and bigger paycheques!"

Leisa Johnson, The Lovely Studio

Meet Lisa Princic

I can help you create a customized, framework for growth by delivering unique value to your clients in your unique way.

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Achieve Success Using Your own True Value

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Create the mindset to achieve your big business goals.

Design a strategy that doesn't compromise your ambition.

Attract the right people who will transform your business.

Use your inner wisdom increase your impact and make you more money.


I felt totally re-inspired and energized and focused after reading this book. Lisa clearly knows the pain and passion that we feel as entrepreneurs and she shines a bright light on the path so we can find our way more surely and quickly, and with less pain and more results.  
~ Jason Sugar, Breakthrough Adventures