A business that creates true freedom ...

Requires bold positioning, fearless messaging & brave marketing.


One year after working with Lisa, I get 3-5 discovery calls per month and 2-3 become clients. A 60% conversion rate. Now I’m starting to get referrals!

When I started working with Lisa I’d been in business for a whole year and I wasn’t getting any clients. 

She very quickly and efficiently helped me to structure my website, change the language and reconstruct my packages.The moment we did that I started getting clients. And I didn’t have to sell them on what I was doing because my offers & pricing on my website were so clear.

Lisa helped me to think differently. You can’t take that back. She gave me confidence.

Madhu Kanwar, Elixir Consulting

Want to scale your business & grow your visibility?

I know you have bigger financial & impact goals that you're currently meeting. It can feel overwhelming thinking about how to consistently attract high-value clients. Whether you're starting to move in the direction of group programs or ready to grow your small agency, you have a lot of choices.

There's so much freedom to gain from growing online ... and there are many different ways to do it.

Success starts with a good plan.

One with fewer stronger offers, a deep understanding of what motivates your client and marketing that works ... not for everyone, for you and your business model.

I can help you create your own roadmap that'll help you take bolder actions getting you much closer to your big vision.


Ready to Fast-track Business Growth by Connecting to the Right People?

( ... I've got you covered!)

Relationship building can be a game-changer for any online business owner. Just because you're not out networking in person, doesn't mean you can always hide behind the computer.

Start creating connections with ideal clients, mentors, peers and industry leaders will help your business and watch opportunities start to come your way, without marketing around the clock.

I'll share all my tools with you in this guide!

Start building relationships with your influencers and watch your business flourish!

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I help impact-driven entrepreneurs & first build $100k, then $1m sustainable & profitable brands

I have expertly helped 100’s of business owners, like you ...

Connect and communicate with impact.

Gain confidence to build strategic relationships.

Get heard and seen by the right people.

Leverage their brand to bigger audiences.

Double & triple their revenue.

Lisa’s superpower is to help businesses distill their value.

Before working with her, I didn’t how to articulate the unique message of my business and make it work. Lisa helped me make sense of the ideas in my head and make them understandable for the clients I’m trying to attract.

As a result, I was able to distinguish my ideal client from others and put messaging on my website that resonates with them, and means a lot to me.

Tammy Martin, Martin Marketing


Here's how ...

Design Your Ideal Business

Do you need help designing a business you truly love to run? Honing in on your niche & building your audience are both critical to getting found by more ideal clients. These programs are designed to help you build a profitable plan & skip a lot of the unnecessary & expensive tactics. Choose your level!

Scale Your Business with Ads

 Are you in need of someone to help you scale your business with Facebook advertising? I can provide you with a Facebook Ad Strategy and ongoing support grow your brand awareness, generate leads and make more sales? Whether you've tried this before or are brand new to, I'll create a plan and implement it for you.

Mastery & Message Podcast

This podcast was made for you. If you've been in business for a while and don't want to waste time going down all the rabbit holes, have a listen. The podcast focuses on telling the real stories behind successful 6+ figure businesses. I get to the good stuff so you can learn ... and do ... faster!

Working with Lisa was hands down, one of the best business/strategy investments I ever made. I recouped my investment, as soon as I finished my private program with her.

She gave me the clarity I needed. I was able to birth and deliver my coaching program Beyond Corporate in the first round!! And on top of that, I learned a process that I've repeated a couple of times with my new program. 

Jessica Vazquez, Business & Money Coach


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