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Design your business to bring in the most revenue with the least effort & get the freedom to live a fully engaged life.

The only thing preventing you from owning a thriving business is a strategy to leverage your true value.

Feeling overwhelmed & undervalued from riding the
solopreneur rollercoaster?

Your business has traction and you are experienced and confident in your value. But you are feeling drained by it. It's time to benefit from your experience and create offers that are more aligned with your true value for new audiences. So you do only the work that fills your soul.

I help Gen-Xers fine-tune their business models by discovering new offers, new markets and new strategies to increase profit, while reducing their workload. 

This is your business design. It's your strategy to freedom and fulfillment and it's based on delivering great results to customers who really need what you offer. 

I am a Business and Marketing Strategist who can help you get beyond referrals as the main source of your leads. 

Planning out your next phase is not something you can do by yourself. Someone with experience, tools and a passion for building successful sustainable business models will make you fall in love with your business again.  


Since I started working with Lisa in less than a year I moved from being a freelancer to running a marketing agency, gone from 20 little clients to 4 big ones, have already doubled my revenue and I am projecting to triple my revenue from last year to this year.

I don’t work in the evenings and weekends anymore at all. I go to bed early enough so I can get up and work out in the morning and I get to do things like coach my son's basketball team and I'm learning to play the guitar with him. None of this would have been possible last year.

Ryan Smith, Wealth Copy

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I can help you create a customized, framework for growth by delivering value to your clients in your unique way.

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