A business that creates true freedom ...

Requires bold positioning, fearless messaging & brave marketing.

Roxanne Carne

Working with Lisa made a big difference in my business immediately. She helped me strategically shape the business that I want. I redesigned my offers from one-on-one to an online service. This program will help lots of women while making recurring revenue.

I was thrilled to get 42 subscribers for my soft launch! That would not have been possible without her input.

Roxanne Carne, Personal Stylist & The RC Style Guide

Are you waiting for external validation instead of making your own clear choices?  

Many business owners don’t know how to grow without simply working harder. When you don't know what to prioritize you'll miss taking the bold leaps that'll set your brand apart. 

No one is going to ask you to go the next step. YOU have to put yourself out there.

And that requires investing in marketing, strategically and having strong positioning and bold messaging to back it up. It would be easier to work towards your BIG vision if you could see the whole picture …

Guess what? I can.


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Since I started working with Lisa in less than a year I moved from being a freelancer to running a marketing agency, gone from 20 little clients to fewer big ones, have already doubled my revenue and I am projecting to triple my revenue from last year to this year.

I don’t work in the evenings and weekends anymore at all. I go to bed early enough so I can get up and work out in the morning and I get to do things like coach my son's basketball team and I'm learning to play the guitar with him. None of this would have been possible last year.

Ryan Smith, Wealth Copy

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This is a free community where you can learn how to build a noticeable brand, hear from experts and provide feedback on branding, narrowing your business models, scaling beyond one-to-one services and sharing your message to a bigger audience.

I help impact-driven entrepreneurs & thought leaders build sustainable million+ dollar brands

I have expertly helped 100’s of business owners, like you ...

Connect and communicate with impact

Gain confidence to make bold, strategic decisions

Get heard and seen by the right people
Leverage their brand & shift away from expensive marketing tactics
Double & triple their revenue

Here's how I help you get there ...

Private coaching

Are you in need of hands-on and high-touch support to figure out your brand, positioning, vision and marketing ... yesterday? Private coaching & strategy is the best way to ensure you get the attention you deserve to build the business you love now & for the long-term.

Small group workshops

 Do you need help Positioning, Marketing and Pitching your Mastery? This set of half-day workshops is designed to give you everything you need to hone in on your true value, skip a lot of the unnecessary and expensive programs & get you booking ideal clients now!

Real business storytelling

The Mastery & Message podcast was made for you. If you've been in business for a while or are just standing out, focuses on telling the real stories behind successful 6 figure businesses. I ask behind the scenes questions and get to the good stuff so you can learn ... and do!

Working with Lisa was hands down, one of the best business/strategy investments I ever made. I recouped my investment, as soon as I finished my private program with her.

She gave me the clarity I needed. I was able to birth and deliver my coaching program Beyond Corporate in the first round!! And on top of that, I learned a process that I've repeated a couple of times with my new program. 

Jessica Vazquez, Business & Money Coach


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